recap: "eye storm"

Attendees chatting during the reception for Wiselogle's collection, "Eye Storm"  

Attendees chatting during the reception for Wiselogle's collection, "Eye Storm"  

Good times were had at the showroom the evening of Sunday, July 9. Détroit is the New Black was honored to host a collection of paintings entitled, “Eye Storm,” by artist and hairdresser, Lance Vincent Wiselogle. 

The energy was great as guests mingled with friends and strangers, enjoying sips of water or wine in between conversation. A variety of music was played throughout the event, from an '80s hit song, ‘All Night Long,’ by Mary Jane Girls, to a current hit, ‘Shining,’ by DJ Khaled featuring Beyoncé and Jay-Z.  

 “Ooohs” and “aaahs” were heard as people walked through the showroom, observing each canvas in detail. This event was a great place for people to reconnect and enjoy Wiselogle’s beautiful art.

 The name of this particular collection did the paintings justice, for his work was definitely an experience for the eye. Each art piece was beautifully constructed using acrylic, resin, glitter, sequins, glass beads or aluminum. When the light hit each piece, the paintings truly came to life.

 Many people had their different opinions and ideas of what the artwork represented to them or reminded them of.

 “Energized…” Jenyl Jentile, one of the attendees said. 

“Like a seventies disco energy…like David Bowie,” Jessica Bowers, another attendee said.

“Tron,” Louis Cunningham Jr., another attendee said when looking at one of the untitled pieces. “Cutting-edge, sensational, memorable.”

 “He’s incredible. I think it’s like a retro/modern moment,” our own Roslyn Karamoko said.  “And it feels almost like eighties and psychedelic but really contemporary, so I think it’s sweet.”

 Wiselogle’s own description of his paintings was not too far off from the thoughts of the people who attended the reception.

 “Seventies. Disco. Hip-Hop. Graffiti. Passion,” Wiselogle said when asked to describe his collection in only five words.

 Wiselogle grew up in a family of fine arts, which led him to studying painting, sculpting and the history of the arts throughout college. He also attended summer internships for design and illustration at Parsons School of Design. Wiselogle held a career in hairstyling, and continues to do hair at his salon, Lance Vincent Salon in Troy.

 “Now I have time, back to the painting,” Wiselogle said as he reflected over his life and his career. “And this is where I lose myself. This is where I get lost in my zone and I don’t want to leave.”

Check out the gallery below to see some of the pieces in this collection. 


Music was the inspiration behind the collection. Wiselogle grew up to R&B, Motown, disco, hip-hop, and even a little bit of alternative. He always has music playing and music is always forming his work.

 When looking at the collection you may wonder how long it took Wiselogle to complete each piece. Well “Eye Storm” was created and completed in a span of 12 months.

 It can vary slightly, but it takes him around three to four weeks to complete each piece. There are times when he works on multiple pieces simultaneously and goes back and forth.

 Wiselogle is also a fan of Karamoko and Détroit is the New Black.

 “I’m a huge fan of Roslyn and what she’s doing here and her courage and her strength,” Wiselogle said. “And that she’s so open to let it evolve. My show tonight…this collection wasn’t planned, it happened. And I got out of its way and let it happen. And I feel that’s what she’s allowing to happen here. And I’m a fan of that. I find her inspiring. Wanting to push the city forward, and so unselfishly. I admire that.”

  And we admire you, Lance Vincent Wiselogle. Thank you for letting Détroit is the New Black host “Eye Storm.” Your passion, drive, voice, and kind-hearted spirit is clearly evident in your work.


Wiselogle and family

Wiselogle and family

“Eye Storm” will be featured in the DITNB showroom and available for sale until July 31. Make sure to come by and check it out!

 To learn more about Wiselogle’s hair salon, Lance Vincent Salon, click here.


Rachael Thomas