introducing: supernatural lingerie

A look into our sensual and beautiful lingerie pop-up shop

Founder and owner of Supernatural Lingerie, Carlie Quezada, standing at the entrance of her pop-up shop. Quezada is wearing the Camo Forest Loungepants

Founder and owner of Supernatural Lingerie, Carlie Quezada, standing at the entrance of her pop-up shop. Quezada is wearing the Camo Forest Loungepants

Women are truly amazing. 

We run businesses, we work hard at our jobs, and we follow are dreams. We birth and raise children, and we take care of our families, friends and loved ones. We are strong, diverse, beautiful, multifaceted. We come in many different skin tones, shapes and sizes. So we should be celebrated as such! 

Carlie Quezada, and her brand, Supernatural Lingerie, are here to do just that. 

Quezada is a strong advocate for celebrating the female body. Through her brand, she wants to create an outlet for women to express themselves and overall become one with their body. 

“My vision for the brand was and continues to be to create an intimate space for women to connect to themselves and the world via international designers who are making lingerie that celebrates women’s natural shape.” Quezada said. 

In the founder of the lingerie brand’s eyes, Supernatural Lingerie is a space for women to feel supported, and understand that lingerie is for their present, beautiful selves. 

“It’s not about dressing up for a man or anyone else. Or waiting to lose those 10 more pounds before treating yourself. It’s about feeling your best, as you are, today.” 

So how did this brand begin? Inspirations were found and ideations were created while Quezada was temporarily living in Paris several years ago. As the businesswoman got into a smaller community of innovative designers, Quezada was introduced to a whole new world of lingerie. 

Quezada was given a more in-depth look to quality and production, and began seeing undergarments as more than just utilitarian items. 

“I began seeking really wearable and yet really unique pieces that I had never seen before,” Quezada said. “High waisted thongs, ‘ouvert’ underwear that you could actually wear and didn’t look trashy, bras that had a high neckline and could function as a camisole-type layer…a whole new world of really modern and beautiful and intimate style opened up.” 

The 30-year-old also got a better understanding of the fabrics and dyes that come into contact with the skin as well. From there she invested her time into researching and collecting brands that manufacture their products in a made-to-order and small scale environment. She was also devoted to finding brands that pay their employees fair wages, and use environmentally-responsible and skin-safe production practices. 

For Quezada, it is all about quality over quantity -  the higher retail prices reflect a different attitude to consumption.

And now she is here, Supernatural Lingerie’s first pop-up shop in the Detroit is the New Black showroom. As soon as you approach the space, you get a mystical, magical vibe (the tree branch art created by world-renowned artist and Detroit-native, Leon Dickey sculpted perfectly to the door could have something to do with it). 

Each rack is filled with beautiful, and colorfully-rich pieces. From playful and unique bras and panties, to exquisitely soft robes, to sensual bodysuits and nightgowns. The pop-up even has some feisty toys and accessories, such as fun pasties, fringy blindfolds, feline headbands, and frisky handcuffs. 

Every piece of lingerie is handcrafted or hand-embroidered in small studios across the world (click on the gallery below to see products and links to the website!). 

Quezada had a few criteria for each brand that she does business with.

"Responsible production, women-owned and/or women-designed, modern design. That looks a little bit different for each of the designers selected but that’s the basics!” Quezada said.

So why the DITNB. showroom? Quezada really felt that DITNB represents a new stage of growth in Detroit and is a great community space. She believed the variety of events and brands hosted at the store would be a good fit for Supernatural Lingerie.

“We set up the lingerie shop in a way that I hope will feel like a friend’s closet,” Quezada said. “Somewhere you would feel comfortable and open to a new experience!” 

As Supernatural Lingerie continues to flourish at the hands of Mrs. Carlie Quezada, we are excited to see what the future holds for this magical brand. Her near-term goal is to find a permanent home for the shop. But moreso, she wants to have an impact on the industry.

Quezada wants to bring in more inclusive sizing and representation in campaigns and other imagery. 

“Right now, lingerie images are primarily of thin, white models who have been heavily photoshopped,” Quezada said. “I would love to see more women of color and different sizes — stretch marks and birth marks and all.” 

It is important for her that her customers can see themselves in her brand. She wants to encourage this inclusivity through her own shoots and hope others would do the same.

Contact Quezada for any of your sensual and whimsical lingerie needs! 

Contact Quezada for any of your sensual and whimsical lingerie needs! 

DITNB has loved hosting Mrs. Quezada and Supernatural Lingerie in the showroom. You can see more goodies that the brand has to offer on their website,

Supernatural Lingerie is also throwing a launch party at the showroom, Saturday August 19 from 3-7 p.m. For more information, click here.  


Rachael Thomas